Best Baseball Betting Apps 2020

From the start of spring training through the end of October’s World Series, baseball dominates the American sports landscape. Although with players on Major League Baseball rosters from more than 20 different countries, this has become a truly global game. And across the world, it is more popular than ever to place wagers on baseball.

Along with Major League Baseball, there are professional leagues throughout Latin America. Japan is known for its quality baseball and passionate fans. The Korean League has been around since 1982. And there is even professional baseball being played in Sweden and Italy.

Now you won’t be able to bet on all of those leagues. And let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to. But baseball bets are fun, they are growing, and if betting on baseball is something you do or want to do, there are certain things you want in a baseball betting app.

Types of Available Bets on Baseball Apps


Your basic baseball bet is a moneyline bet. But run lines, total runs, team totals (like an over/under but for just one team), series betting, parlays, and props are all bets you’re going to want to have access to.

And because of the nature of baseball, it’s a perfect sport for in-play wagering. You can even place live wagers on events as small as a single pitch. Batter bets and half-inning bets are all very popular and all worth making sure they’re available.

You will especially want all of that during the MLB playoffs and World Series.

Available Information on Baseball Betting Apps

There are so many variables in baseball and betting on baseball, and the best baseball betting apps will provide you the information you need to manage those variables and make the most informed bet.

Starting pitcher information is a must. And the sooner that is posted, the better, so you can do your research and think about that pitcher’s effect on the bullpen, lineup, etc.

The best baseball betting apps also link you to umpire information. As impartial as they claim to be, the reality is that underdogs do better with some umpires, and strikeout pitchers do better with others. Umpire information isn’t the sole reason to place a bet, but it is information that is valuable.

Bonus Money and Special Bets

All good sports betting apps come with new player incentives and bonuses. Make sure the one you choose offers you a robust package of deposit matches and bet insurance. And specifically, you want to see special baseball insurance, parlays, or days of the week in which bonus baseball bets are available.

Taking all of these things into account, plus the usability, speed of payment, and integration with its online companion, here is our ranking of the top five baseball betting apps.

  1. FanDuel
  2. DraftKings
  3. BetMGM
  4. BetRivers
  5. Bet365

FanDuel Review


From the Major Leagues down on through the Minor Leagues, FanDuel offers wagers on all of it. So if options are what you are after, FanDuel is the place you want to be. For a baseball betting app, it packs a lot.

The FanDuel app is built on a super-fast platform, making it the perfect betting app for in-play wagering. And all of its live events are posted right on the main page for baseball – the same place you can find all odds, run-line bets, and any future bets that might interest you.

You can get mid-game insurance, starting pitching insurance, and there are a number of baseball-specific parlays that you can use to take smaller payouts on favorites and turn them into much larger winning bets.

FanDuel also offers up to a $500 risk-free bet for new customers. Place your first bet with FanDuel, and if you end up losing, the cost of the bet (up to $500) will be put back into your account in the way of site credit.

FanDuel also comes with FanDuelTV, giving you live streaming options so you can monitor all your wagers.

With a big bonus package, quick and easy withdrawals, and a myriad of available baseball bets, FanDuel is at the top of our rankings.

DraftKings Review


Much like FanDuel, DraftKings made a name for itself as one of the pioneers of daily fantasy sports. So with that background, you know that DraftKings is going to have the speed and flexibility that you want in a baseball betting app.

Not only are all the games across the country offered as wagers, as are all the types of wagers you would expect, DraftKings also offers pitcher-specific wagering. That means you can place bets for or against a specific pitcher, or both, and if those pitchers don’t end up playing, there is a bet settlement.

You can also do what is called First Five Inning Wagering, which is just like a regular wager, but innings six through nine don’t matter for the outcome. It also has an Inning Prop Market that allows you to bet on run lines for the inning as well as team results for a specific inning.

DraftKings also offers a bonus of up to $500 for new accounts, parlay insurance, odds boosts on big events like the World Series, and you can earn up to $100 in free bets by referring a friend.

For these reasons and more, DraftKings ranks No. 2 for baseball betting apps.

BetMGM Review


Formerly known as PlayMGM, BetMGM is what you would expect from such a respected name in the sports gambling world.

The app is pleasantly laid out and easy to use. There is the full list of featured bets, although only Major League Baseball is offered. And even though baseball is a slower-paced sport, the app itself needs to respond quickly to in-play wagering. Unfortunately, the BetMGM app is a little sluggish in this regard, making it a little less desirable if you want to play live games.

BetMGM does offer a risk-free bet up to $500 for new customers, and on Mondays, it gives its customers a $10 free bet. And there is live streaming on the app that is free and easy to use for anyone with an account.

So BetMGM does have a number of things working in its favor, like how easy it is to make deposits and withdrawals, and the speed in which that money arrives into your account. But as a baseball betting app, there is a little left to be desired, like options within the sport and the speed in which it responds.

That’s why, as a baseball app, BetMGM only comes in third place.

BetRivers Review


BetRivers is powered by the technology of Kambi, which is one of the best names in the industry. So that’s a very good thing. It is also part of the Rush Street Interactive family of casinos and sportsbooks and a sister sportsbook to PlaySugarHouse. 

That means that as a BetRivers player, you get access to its iRush rewards program, which can lead you to free plays or rewards at any of its physical properties.

BetRivers will also match your initial deposit dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $250. And once you bet the total of that matching deposit, the money is yours. You can then withdraw it, or keep playing it. 

The app itself is easy to use and is laid out like its website. But not everything is automatically accessible. Instead of icons or a list of sports, you have to search the word “baseball” to find baseball-specific bets. 

It’s not a big thing, but it is a noticeable thing and something that should be improved.

Once there, the baseball bets are easy to play, and there are lots of options. And during the World Series, you’ll get all the props you could possibly want to play. But the BetRivers app is only available on Android, and that lessens its appeal for many.

For those places without the IOS BetRivers app, a location validator app with geolocation technology must be downloaded, and then the player can access the BetRivers mobile browser. But that extra step and the extra download are less than ideal.

That’s why, as a baseball betting app, BetRivers comes in fourth.

Bet365 Review

Screenshot taken from the bet365 NJ website (08.26.19)

The layout of Bet365 makes it very user-friendly. Navigation is intuitive, the icons are big and bold and easy to find, and it’s darker color scheme makes it pleasurable to use.

Its menu of available baseball bets is limited, however. It’s no problem placing any of the standard bets, and the speed in which the app responds is fast. So in-play wagering at Bet365 during the Major League Baseball playoffs and World Series would be fun. But many of the prop bets that you’ll want to bet won’t be available.

Bet365 does offer a wide variety of live streaming options, which is something you want in a baseball betting app. But other than placing bets on baseball outside the United States, which is limited, baseball streams are easy to find.

New customers with Bet365 can get up to $100 in bonus bets, and they can cash out that bonus after only the equivalent amount of plays. But other apps do offer more, and because of all this, we ranked Bet365 fifth.

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