Your Official Betting Guide to the MLB Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby betting is an especially fun type of baseball betting you can get into. However, many are unaware of how to go about getting started betting on this event.

When placing your bets on any sporting event, you will want to do your research before anything else. This means becoming familiar with things like derby odds and the Home Run Derby contestants. You’ll also want to look into betting tips to help you place the smartest and best bets possible.

Reviewing the basics of how to bet on baseball is also a good idea.

Keep reading this guide to learn how to make the most of your MLB Home Run Derby game betting. That way, by the time the MLB Home Run Derby game rolls around next year, you’ll be prepared to place the best wagers possible.

Summary of 2019 Home Run Derby

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Information about the 2020 MLB Home Run Derby game will be updated on this guide in 2020 when the event is closer.

For now, we will be looking into the events that took place at the Home Run Derby in July 2019. But, you should make sure to check back into this guide when you want to bet on the Home Run Derby in 2020. 

The Home Run Derby is held annually in July. It is a home run hitting competition that is more often than not held on a Monday in the summer, in July. The Home Run Derby is generally held the day before the MLB All-Star Game. The Home Run Derby has been taking place for over 30 years, since the year 1985.

In 2019, the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game were held in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Progressive Field. The top Home Run Derby contestants were Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Pete Alonso. And, Pete Alonso eventually triumphed over Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to win the Home Run Derby 2019.

Now, that means when looking to place your bets in 2020, the Derby odds will list these two players as favorites. So, you will want to keep your eye out on these two players as the event draws near. And, you will want to look into any other players that appear to be making moves to win the competition.

More on the 2019 Home Run Derby

In 2019, the first-round record was broken by Home Run Derby contestant Vladimir Guerrero Jr. with Guerrero hitting an impressive 29 home runs. Plus, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. broke the record in the very next round, when he hit 40 home runs in 2 tiebreakers. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. holds the current record which he set in 2019, a mark of 91 home runs. However, Guerrero did not ultimately triumph and was beaten by Pete Alonso in the final round.

Many are critical of the final result of the 2019 Home Run Derby. The result is considered to be non-consistent with the actual best performance in the Derby that year. This is because Guerrero Jr.’s 2nd round was so impressive, with first as well as third-highest single round totals of all time. Plus Guerrero holds the title now of most home runs ever hit in a single derby as well as second-most all-time derby home runs with only one appearance in the Derby. 

Check out the Final Round highlights below:

It is thought that these jaw-dropping performances in the initial two rounds left him too tired when he was put up against a rested and refreshed opponent like Pete Alonso for the final round.

The previous overall Home Run Derby record was set in 2016. The record was set by Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton ended the Home Run Derby in 2016 with 61 home runs and he defeated Todd Frazier in the final round of the Derby. 


Since the start of the Home Run Derby in 1985 over 30 years ago, the rules have changed from time to time. Initially, the Home Run Derby was a short outs-based competition when it launched. Then the Home Run Derby converted to multiple rounds. Finally, the Home Run Derby changed into its format that it holds today, a bracket-style timed event.

Currently, the format is that 8 players duel in a head-to-head home run challenge. Each challenge has set brackets and the winning player moves ahead to compete against the other winning players. So, if you are used to placing your bets on bracket events like March Madness, you’ll enjoy Home Run Derby betting.


There have been many notable Home Run Derby contestants over the years. And, when looking into Home Run Derby betting, you will want to check out the most recent winners when placing your bets. This is so you can choose which players you think will do the best when it comes to the Home Run Derby.

Most recently the contestants of the Home Run Derby 2019 were Matt Chapman (OAK), Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (TOR), Alex Bregman (HOU), Joc Pederson (LAD), Josh Bell (PIT), Ronald Acuña Jr. (ATL), Pete Alonso (NYM), and Carlos Santana (CLE). And, as mentioned before, the Home Run Derby came down to Vladimir Guerrero Jr. versus Pete Alonso, with Pete Alonso ultimately coming out as triumphant. 

But, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. now holds a couple of impressive Home Run Derby records.

Check back as the 2020 Home Run Derby gets closer!

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