MLB Streaming Options for 2020

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Baseball season is about to begin, and cord-cutters need to know how to watch their team. MLB blackout rules can make this difficult, and quite frankly frustrating. If you are a Cubs, Yankees or Dodgers fan, your team has its own network, which actually makes this even more difficult. 

All three have issues with carriers not supplying the network, making it almost impossible for a local to watch their favorite team. What a great way to keep fans excited about a sport that is losing fans. But I digress.

How to Stream MLB

There are a number of different ways to stream MLB on television, phone, or other devices. We will go over a few of the more popular ways to watch. Cord-cutting has become more and more popular every year, meaning more people are searching for ways to watch MLB live on their devices. 

The most popular is the package. But, keep in mind that this doesn’t work well if you live in the area of your favorite team as you will be blacked out.

If you do live close to your team, you can purchase a VPN, which will mask your IP address, allowing you to get around the archaic blackout rules and watch your favorite team. ESPN+ allows you to watch at least a game night, as well as all of the regular games on ESPN for Sunday, Monday and Wednesday night baseball. 


Only $4.99 a Month

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Subscription will automatically renew unless canceled and is subject to the ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement. You may cancel your subscription anytime by following the directions at our online Help Center. Pricing is subject to change. Taxes may apply. Blackout rules may apply.

If you purchase ESPN+, you get one national game a night. This could be any game, but it will only be available for ESPN+ members as it is not the regular broadcast on ESPN. You will also have access to the regular ESPN broadcasts as well. 

ESPN+ is $4.99 a month, but you can purchase ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu for $12.99 as a special introductory offer. This will give you access to streaming MLB, as well as your favorite Disney shows and movies and a pretty good lineup on Hulu. Keep in mind this isn’t Hulu live that offers live streaming television.

List of Ways to Stream MLB Baseball

  • ESPN+
  • Hulu Live
  • YouTubeTV
  • Sling
  • FuboTV
  • Fox
  • Fox Sports Go
  • TBS
  • Other Regional Sports Networks

This isn’t an end-all list as there are numerous different ways to stream live MLB games, but it has the most common sources. You will need to look into the best way to watch your team, as every area and every team is different. 

As of now, the Marquee Network (Chicago Cubs) is limited to very few streaming options, even if your provider carries Marquee. These are things you will want to research before you decide on which streaming service you choose.

Watch the MLB on TV

Obviously, watching MLB games on regular television is still an option. Fox, TBS, and a local regional sports network will still provide you with plenty of games to watch. Streaming definitely isn’t the only way to go, but if you want to watch and work or on the go, it is the only option.

Get an App for Streaming MLB, Fox, ESPN, Sling, Fubo, and YouTubeTV all have apps that let you watch games on the go. You can download them on your tablet, television or phone. Remember to look into local rights for before you purchase, as you may be blacked out from watching local teams.

Make sure to check our review of the best baseball betting apps.

Bet While Streaming: MLB Live Betting Options

Live betting has become one of the most popular forms of betting with everyone going mobile. You can bet during and between innings. 

There isn’t anything more exhilarating than betting on your team while watching live. Everyone offers some form of live betting, but there are certain betting apps that do it better than others.



bet365 actually has a service where you can stream the games live on its app while betting. You have to have money in your account and have bet within so many days, but it live streams over 100,000 games a year. With MLB rules, not all of them are available, but you will find a few a day you can watch and bet pitch to pitch.



FanDuel has one of the better live betting platforms in the industry. Every regular-season and postseason game will have some form of live betting during the MLB season. 

Keep in mind that streaming sometimes runs a little behind, so you will see lags in betting options.



DraftKings, like FanDuel, has a lot of resources, and in turn, a lot of good live betting options. MLB is no different as it covers all MLB games. 

Some of the bigger games will even have live prop betting and not just moneyline and run totals.

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